Emerging markets private equity firm, Aureos Capital, sought to position itself as the leading private equity firm operating in the emerging market SME arena. But, there was a major gap between the impressive work it did and the way it expressed itself.


Through deep conversations with the leadership team we determined that the failure to fully express itself came down to a lack of confidence and a desire to just get on with the work in hand. We found that Aureos had a unique model of working and was blessed with an extremely capable team of people who deeply cared and understood the emerging markets in which they operated.


We identified a number of principles which lay behind the Aureos way of working that made it a truly unique organisation within the world of private equity. We called this ‘Private Equity+’ – and in the months that followed, we helped Aureos embed this within the company, building a new sense of confidence and self-belief. A website, brochure and presentations were created to support the new proposition. This ultimately led to Aureos being acquired by Abraaj Capital.


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