Well done Lauren!

Lauren left Pulse a few years ago to follow her dream to write a book.  Well, this year, her dream came true and her first book has been published! Billed as ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary for the millennial set’ by InStyle, it’s a great read!

Pulse shortlisted for the 2017 PR Week Awards!

This is for the best Internal Communications and Employee Engagement category and is a joint entry with the Rumaila oilfield’s internal communications team for our work in Basra, Iraq. we’ve been working on ways to make the 7,000-strong workforce feel more appreciated and to ensure ‘great work does not go unseen.’ We can’t wait for the big night on 18 October…

The new Basra Museum

The new Basra Museum opened its doors, celebrating 2,300 years of Iraqi history. We were introduced to the Museum through our work with Rumaila and the charity, Friends of Basra Museum. The artifacts on display had been kept in safekeeping during difficult times over the last 30 years. The museum is a call for the spread of culture, dialogue, and forgiveness and we’re proud to have contributed in a small way towards such a worthy cause.

User Voice

The Social Business Trust charity has announced its latest investment in User Voice  – a social enterprise that gives a voice to people in prison and on probation, and aims to increase their chance of successful rehabilitation. Simon Milton has been a long-standing trustee of the charity, which to date has changed and improved the lives of 750,000 people.

Artraker 2016 Awards – call for entries

The international Artraker 2016 Awards call for submissions is now open! For the past three years Pulse has partnered with this extraordinary organisation, which gives voice to conflict artists from around the world. This year’s three Artraker Award categories, open to all artistic disciplines, are for: “Challenging the Narrative“, “Healing the Void” and “Imagine Peace!”. Details available here

What are the practical realities of creating a purpose-led organisation?

In the latest Pulse Thinking blog Simon Milton reveals Pulse’s 12 principles of purposeful branding and helps to stimulate thinking on how paying attention to these principles can help you and your organisation move to a more purpose-led future.

Everybody wants a purposeful brand

Simon Milton suggests on our Pulse Thinking blog a future where the best of the ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ worlds merge together as social businesses.


Riding the belt

Glencore, charged our friends at Envision with creating a safety engagement campaign on the fatal hazards of riding illegally on conveyor belts. Based on a devastating incident, Envision filmed surviving mineworkers re-enacting the events, while also revealing their thoughts and feelings about the experience. The campaign won the Cannes 2015 Gold Award and is proving effective in changing attitudes.

We met as strangers

A year-long photography project by our very own resident photographer and admin guru, Michael Chapman, is now complete. Michael set out to photograph 100 strangers who volunteered to meet him via the social media network, Twitter. The Guardian recently featured Michael’s ‘We met as strangers’ project and showcased examples of his photography, which can be found here

Simon Milton hosts workshop at Sustainable Brands London

Using Pulse’s 12 Principles of Purposeful Branding as a guide, Simon will lead a workshop on understanding the practical realities of creating a purpose-led organisation.

Sustainable Brands will be taking place in London from 16-18 November 2015.

Kitabna, The Starling’s Visit

The Starling’s Visit has been created specifically for the persecuted Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq. Through an initial introduction by Pulse, the Kitabna project has successfully received funding from AMAR, who will be distributing these books to Yazidi children. Available in English, Arabic and Kurdish, the story promotes social cohesion and psychosocial support.

Can we meet the needs of the present without compromising the future?

Our latest project, a six-month exhibition, uses the concept of exploration ‘behind food sustainability’ to showcase the people, places and traditions making a difference. The exhibition, based in Venice, will also travel to various European locations in 2015, including Expo 2015 in Milan.

Water-reacting architectural surface

Taking inspiration from a pine cone, product designer Chao Chen has created a water-reacting architectural surface which blossoms when wet. Absolutely stunning! Chao Chen is currently studying at the Royal College of Art. RCA Summer show on until 5 July.

The Invisible Store of Happiness

Designer Sebastian Cox and sculptor Laura Ellen’s collaboration, The Invisible Store of Happiness, is a unique experiment between a furniture maker and an artist to challenge the versatility and properties of two exceptional hardwoods, American maple and cherry.

Emporium of Dangerous Ideas

Trainee Team Academy coaches will be opening the annual Emporium of Dangerous Ideas on 9 June 2015 in Glasgow, to highlight ‘dangerous’ unconventional ideas to foster change in the way education is delivered. The Team Academy ‘learning by doing’ business education programme, part of the Akatemia social enterprise is led by Pulse Consultant, Robert Goodsell.

Have your mobile-friendly website ready for the 21st April 2015

Are you ready for Google’s mobile-friendly ranking changeover?

Google announced a significant change in their ranking, elevating websites with a good level of mobile compatibility. If you do not score well, then you might lose out from 21st April.

Check your score: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Update: Tokyo Design Week Archive Book

We are immersed into the world of Japanese design, in creating the latest Tokyo Design Week Annual.

Introducing key visual changes between the architecture, design and technology sections, we have allowed the reader to easily navigate across the vast body of work. We’ll be attending the 2015 Imagine event in Milan, Via Tortona

Update: The Giant Watermelon

The Kitabna project’s latest bilingual (Arabic/English) book, The Giant Watermelon, is definitely worth a look. The NGO-partnered project is distributing these books to displaced Syrian and Palestinian children who have little, or no access to formal education. Intertwined with local character and village names, the book’s relatable story is one that the children can connect with.
The Kitabna project

Adaptive Cultures

Organisations creating adaptive cultures It is becoming increasingly clear that the major challenge for organisations is not defining a purpose but delivering it. A collective identity can create a culture that is willing and able to adapt and change. Harvard Business Review (Collective Genius).

Read the article

Lateral thinking, Chineasy

We are currently enthralled by Chineasy; a tool which helps identify and construct Chinese characters and phrases by representing unfathomable shapes as more intuitive visual triggers.


Shakespeare Schools Festival

Shakespeare Schools Festival. Birthday Performance, The Lyric Theatre, London. The UK’s largest youth drama festival, offers students from all backgrounds the opportunity to perform Shakespeare on their local professional stage. 1,000 schools performed, inspiring us and themselves with their talent, commitment and enthusiasm.

Watch the film

Worlds Most Expensive Responsible Pop-Up Shop

As a response to a BA Graphic Design brief on Responsibility, students from University Of The Arts London have created the Worth pop-up shop. Products in the shop started out with a £1 million price tag but the value dropped each time the website was shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Worth pop-up shop


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