Moneyline is a successful social enterprise that has been operating for 10 years. It has set up 20 outlets to provide credit to those in society who have no access to regular banking and who could be vulnerable to payday lenders offering very high interest rates. The brand needed to demonstrate its true value to future investors, to its staff and to the customers it served.


There was a level of understandable scepticism around the rebranding of Moneyline. The leadership did not want to do anything that felt frivolous or detract from the focus on the more important work of supporting customers. A real shift took place once we had convinced the leadership that the brand’s primary role was to better reflect reality and not push out spin.


The overall positioning focused on the critical role that the loan advisor plays in helping customers to take control of their finances, rather than just the price of the loan. The brand look, feel and tone of voice focused on demonstrating a deep insight into the world of the customer and the considerable experience in helping customers take control of their finances and ultimately, therefore, their lives.


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