Turning good
into better
At Pulse we are bound together to create a meaningful difference. A misunderstood brand that needs help, a product or technology that will make for a better world or simply something that appeals to our personal interests.
One collective
We deliver practical programs built on years of collective experience in strategy development, corporate communication, change management and design. Based in the UK, we support clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US.

Simon Milton, Consulting

The bright challenging heart at the centre of Pulse.

Works in the moment, shaping what is needed to help clients navigate a more purposeful world.

visionary – connector – coach

15 years at Pulse. 28 years experience in corporate PR and brand communications

Jacqueline Milton, Consulting

Working with a rigour so projects run smoothly from tender to final invoice. A warm intelligence that guides sensible decisions.

listener - detailed - fair

15 years at Pulse. 16 years experience in international event management and sports sponsorship

Iago John, Consulting

Balancing different perspectives to guide clients through projects. Works with tenacity and patience to deliver value.

curious - energetic - pragmatic

5 years at Pulse. 12 years experience in PR, communications planning and business counseling

Simon Taylor, Consulting

An eye for detail in developing and executing communications plans. Direct and unflappable no matter how big the project.

focused - big-picture - decision-maker

8 years at Pulse. 30 years in communications. Specialist in international, environmental affairs. Experience in energy, industrial, technology, and third sector

Laura Watcham, Consulting

Intuitive and respectful. Ensures projects are set up and executed to plan. Champion of Pulse’s emotional heart.

detailed - helpful - emotional-intelligence

9 years at Pulse. 11 years developing and managing communications programmes with multinational B2B corporates in engineering and technology industries

Robert Goodsell, Consulting

Creating order and direction from uncertainty and ambiguity. Steers organisational cultures to act purposefully.

problem solver - coach - deep thinker

11 years at Pulse. 35 years strategy and organisational development experience

Dareen Majdalawi, Personal Assistant

The warmest welcome. Will have your coffee ready before you have your coat off.

Helpful – Energetic – Reliable

James Dunne, Consulting

Understanding the big issues faced by organisations and seeding the programs to create cultural change.

effervescent - strategic - networker

3 years at Pulse

Mona Ishaq, Consulting

A careful listener, seeking to understand clients issues in their terms. Feeding insights into project teams.

open-minded - precise - supportive

6 years at Pulse

Ashley Goddard, Design

A steady, economical approach to designing solutions that stay relevant long-term. Applied like a multi-tool across illustration, 3D, print…

innovator - sustainability - hands-on


Andrew Leith, Design

Driven by research and intuitive human insight.  Builds imaginative, left field solutions that are both practical and original.

guide - inventor - realist

7 years at Pulse. 20 years experience in brand development and strategy

Silvia Lopes, Design

An enduring learner. Seeks to understand new perspectives on the problem in order to create the best solution.

problem solver – connector – energetic

New to Pulse. 9 years experience as a graphic designer working on a wide range of graphic and web design projects.

Robert James, Film Producer/Director

An experienced Film Director and Scriptwriter in international television, Robert has produced award-winning films for companies in many industry sectors around the world. With an international reputation for producing engaging films for a range of communication requirements, his work is described as ‘outstanding’, ‘memorable’, ‘powerful’ and ‘effective’.

James Richards, Web Developer

Originally a sound engineer, James moved into developing for the internet in 1999. He has collaborated with Pulse on the Social Business Trust, Rumaila and Pulse Sport websites. Previous clients include Library of Congress, Sky, MTV, Leica Geosystems and Bosch.


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