Rumaila’s first participation at a public event since the partnership with BP and PetroChina took place at the Basra Oil & Gas Exhibition in 2011 (and subsequently in 2012 and 2013). We were asked to design and construct a stand that would host the many visitors who considered Rumaila to be one of the most important organisations in the region.


The challenge was two-fold – firstly, creating an impactful stand that captured the right tone between demonstrating progress whilst recognising life in Basra; secondly, overcoming the logistical challenges caused by distance and shipping constraints and the lack of capability to design and build the stand in Iraq.

While Pulse, working in partnership with the Rumaila C&EA team, would be responsible for stand design and messaging, the constraints on shipping/customs/logistics meant that a more localised solution would be preferable for the construction and stand build elements. To this end we identified a specialist exhibition company based in Dubai to carry out the build work. Much of the printing took place in Basra.


Pulse has now developed impactful stand designs for Rumaila at the last three annual exhibitions. The stands represent an evolution in style and confidence that mirrors the ongoing development of the organisation, the brand and the community in which it operates. Liaising closely with the stand builders in Dubai and with the C&EA team and local suppliers, we have succeeded in delivering an experience that helps to demonstrate Rumaila’s commitment to both increasing oil production and to the development of its people and the region.


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