For years the Rumaila oilfield had suffered from lack of investment in equipment, training and modern procedures. Employees were used to doing what they could to keep the oilfield going as best they could. This could often lead to selfless acts that disregarded personal safety. When re-investment in the field began, this old way of operating, which had become embedded into the day-to-day practices of the oilfield workers, needed to change.


To create a sustainable safety culture at Rumaila required a significant shift of attitude. From one where maintaining oil production was of paramount importance to one where safety comes first and the organisation places ultimate value on the lives and wellbeing of employees. Undertaking heroic actions to keep the oil flowing was seen as the sign of a committed employee. We had to change the perception so that the worker who operated safely was seen as acting in the best interests of the organisation.


In these key early stages the materials developed are not just about reinforcing the safety rules, but, just as importantly, demonstrating a deeply held ‘we care’ attitude that is a long-term priority for the organisation. Even the smallest pieces of safety communication are created with the same precision and quality that is afforded to the most prominent brand materials within the organisation.


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