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  • Purposeful
    Corporate initiatives that offer single dimension solutions are seldom of benefit. We work with leaders and managers to help them link all functions, big or small, with their organisation’s deeper purpose.
  • Be
    Maintaining relevance in the world is a significant challenge. Ultimately, the role an organisation plays in society validates their license to operate.
  • Turning good
    into better
    At Pulse we are bound together to create a meaningful difference. A misunderstood brand that needs help, a product or technology that will make for a better world or simply something that appeals to our personal interests.
We are a
multi-disciplinary agency
Encompassing employee engagement, corporate communication and design.

We help clients create businesses that are guided by purpose and principles.

Supporting Change

Change can feel destabilising. It requires leadership dedication. For change to be successful, people need to be supported and encouraged to see and feel its relevance and how it benefits. We pay a lot of attention to getting this right.

Relevance, looking beyond business performance

Maintaining relevance in the world is a considerable challenge. Our work has largely involved helping clients deepen their connection with their audiences. We are interested in the role an organisation needs to play in society to create a long-term license to operate. This comes from building shared value – often difficult to sustain, particularly when trading conditions are tough.

Philosophy, not processes

We ‘go with the grain’ of how our clients work. We don’t impose processes – but we will hold a philosophy about what we feel is important and align ourselves to what our clients are striving to achieve.

 Underpinning it all is about helping to build a purposeful corporate brand.

Pulse shortlisted for the 2017 PR Week Awards!

This is for the best Internal Communications and Employee Engagement category and is a joint entry with the Rumaila oilfield’s internal communications team for our work in Basra, Iraq. we’ve been working on ways to make the 7,000-strong workforce feel more appreciated and to ensure ‘great work does not go unseen.’ We can’t wait for the big night on 18 October…

Practical ideas

Our collective experience (across design, PR, strategy and culture) is focused on supporting your operations and your communications management. Delivering practical ideas at the front-line, in the UK and internationally.

Community through understanding

By developing communications that create a synergy with your audience, they become your community and you become increasingly relevant. Strategy has little value without community support.


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