"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

C.G. Jung

At Pulse, we pay a lot of attention to our own way of working and ensuring our people can thrive.

How can we help our clients to thrive if we don’t pay attention to ourselves?

To that end we have built a culture where people want to speak up and be themselves.

Where each of us is supported by and supports others.

Where mistakes are learned from, not criticised.

Where personal well-being is paramount.

Where we understand the reason and purpose behind every piece of work that we do.

And where we work with our clients in the same way as we work with each other.

Get to know us

Simon Milton

Founder & Strategic Consultant

– Visionary
– Bold
– Playful

Jacqueline Milton


– Listener
– Detailed
– Practical

Olivia Reid

Executive Assistant

– Grounded
– Proactive
– Joyful

Andrew Leith

Creative Director

– System thinker
– Inventor
– Pragmatic

Emily Palmer


– Thoughtful
– Strategic
– Supportive

Simon Taylor

Strategic Consultant

– Decision-maker
- Focused
- Principled

Laura Watcham


– Intuitive
– Rigorous
– Caring

Chris Mella

Senior Designer

– Fresh thinking
– Supportive
– Focused

Laura Fogar

Graphic Designer

– Curious
– Attentive
– Intuitive

Edward Clements


– Conscientious
– Inquisitive
– Perspective

Rachel Gourdin


– Builder
– Noble
– Inspiring

Guillermina Correa


– Thoughtful
– Inquisitive
– Inclusive
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